Soulfully Exclusive Day Spa Package Therapy 

Heartfelt Elevation

Our Botanical 2-hour Rose Package is a blend of a Classic facial with a Rose Petal brightening masque and a therapeutic massage.
The beautiful and aromatic floral scent of Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium and Rose Otto helps to moisturize the skin, elevate the mood, balance hormones, and open the heart chakra.

60min Classic facial w Rose Petal Masque
60min Swedish massage

Service Includes:

Lounge amenities
Facial, Body massage, scalp and foot massage, warm towels, focused warm stones, Phyto therapy aromatic Rose misting.
A single complimentary Rose
Rose tea and a chocolate truffle.

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Promote peace, relaxation, wholeness and protection with this Phyto-Therapy for the mind-body-spirit-soul.

Included during your session:
Exfoliating Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub
Spa Shower
Therapeutic Massage
Focused warm stones
Warm towels
Aromatic Lavender scalp and foot Massage
Hydrating Lavender Mist
Ultra Rich Lavender Cream
Lavender Chamomile Tea in our lounge

2hrs. | $195
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*Lavender Chamomile retail products available for purchase by the Body Deli
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Green detox scrub
Get your detox on with our doctor recommended sprouted mineral ingredients!

Stimulate the lymphatic system and relieve stress by clearing toxins from the pores of the skin in our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna.
Exfoliate the skin with our Sea Salt body scrub. Ingredients include nourishing plant butters, Wheatgrass, Oatgrass, Chlorella, Maca and more!
Hydrate and invigorate the skin with a Sea Kelp mineral rich Botanical Body wrap.
Relax the mind-body-spirit-soul with Therapeutic Massage using ultra-rich cream by The Body Deli.

Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cold pressed oils and Coconut water.

Includes spa shower/amenities, warm focused stones, scalp and foot massage, warm towels, detox tea in our lounge.

Schedule online or call to reserve.
3 hrs. | $300

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Created just for you...

Custom Blended Soul Package with Michelle

Connect to your whole self with this customized blend of services and modalities that are individually, intuitively and compassionately chosen just for you.
SoulSpace views the body~mind~spirit~soul as a whole system. Every part of you is connected, meaning that where you feel pain and discomfort is not necessarily the cause of your pain and discomfort.

Michelle is a master therapist with more than 20 years of holistic experience.  Each session is unique, providing a safe space that will gently guide you toward what could be most beneficial in reducing stress, decreasing pain, encouraging detoxification and inner peace.

90min   $225
2hr.   $300
3hr.   $450

Michelle Greenberg
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Master Therapist
Reiki Master
Healing Artist
Spiritual Health Coach

***Session can include a blend of any service in our spa menu (excluding facials, classes and chiropractic), depending on length of session chosen.

*** Lounge/shower amenities included.

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Connect to Mother Earth with our salt/mud/clay face and body ritual.
Raise your vibe, open the heart, reduce fear, build self-confidence, clear obstacles and get grounded with the potent energy of Tourmaline, Quartz and Feldspar minerals combined with Quantum Infrared Light Therapy.

Gourmet Sea Salt Body Scrub with Pumpkin, Ginger, Turmeric, Anise, Clove, Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Citron Wild Orange Vanilla Body Cream.

Mineral rich Tourmaline, Quartz Gemstone Clay from the Vancouver Island mountains.
Canadian Glacial Mineral Mud.


Sea Salt Body Scrub with Gemstone Clay Body Masque
Ultrarich Cream Body Wrap
Quantum Infrared Light Therapy
Classic Organic Mineral Mud Facial
Spa shower and lounge amenities

Schedule online or call to reserve.
Approx. 3.5 hrs.
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"to become ~ we must transform"

Allow us to crown you with this Royal blend of warming, old world, scented therapies that will surely make you feel like a Queen cocooned in a throne of peace, femininity and abundance.

~ Warm River Rock and Moroccan Rose Essential Oil Scalp Treatment
~ Classic Facial with a gentle Manuka Honey Radiance Enzyme Peel and
Vitamin C Firming Masque
~ Collagen Eye and Lip Masque
~ Exfoliating Sea Salt Body Scrub with Formula No. 10 Amber Spice and Rose Blend
~ Rich and Exotic Botanical Butter Cream Body Wrap with Gourmet Collection Amber Spice and Sandalwood
~ Jasmine Pearl Tea and Luscious Dark Chocolate for sipping and contemplating your next move...

"Only a true Queen could vibe with this service" 

3 hrs. | $350

Available M~F
Spa Shower/Lounge Amenities included.
Call to reserve this Jewel of a package because you are worth it.

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Thai Lemongrass and Coconut Cream Package

"a match made in heaven".

Thai Lemongrass has bold, clean and zesty aroma to help awaken the senses, detoxify and nourish the skin.
Coconut Creme is lightly sweet and buttery in its aroma and helps to nurture the spirit, repair, restore and heal the skin.

2.5hrs. | $225.00

-Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Session
-Exfoliating Sea Salt Body Scrub.
-Spa Shower
-Focused Warm Stones
-Warm Towels
-Coconut Creme Aromatherapy Mist
-Lounge amenities

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