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Massage Therapy

Healthy Self
Heal thy Self

It is with compassion and positive intention that we serve our community's health and wholeness needs. Each therapeutic massage session is inclusive of warm focused stones, warm towels, scalp and foot massage, and a misting of aromatherapy.

Melt The Stress Away!

Therapeutic Massage is a safe and appropriate way to receive human touch.
Benefits include:

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  • boosts the immune system
  • decreased pain
  • increased mobility
  • decreased depression
  • increased mental clarity
  • decreased blood pressure
  • increased oxygen and circulation
  • decreased stress hormones
  • increased endorphins (feel good, mood boosting hormones)
  • decreased insomnia
  • increased quality sleep

Board Certified Massage Therapy | #1 Massage in Pineville, NC

Swedish Massage

A light to medium pressure, soothing, and de-stressing massage with flowing and gliding strokes.
60min | $90
member price | $75

90min | $125
member price | $115

120min |$180
Integrative Massage

A combination of light to medium and deep focused pressure that is relaxing yet therapeutic and increases mobilization as well as circulation to joints.
60min | $95
member price | $75

90min | $135
member price | $115

120min | $190
Deep Tissue Massage

A deep, focused massage that helps to soften layers of fascia, clear toxins, and lengthen tissue.
60min | $95
member price | $75

90min | $135
member price | $115
Thermal Stone Massage

River rocks deeply soothe muscles, allowing warmth to penetrate tissue for healing and repair.
60min | $125
90min | $145
Prenatal Massage

A massage that focuses on the individual needs of the mom and helps to clear discomfort on pressure points in the low back, hips, knees, feet, and neck. Reduces swelling and brings about a sense of wellbeing for mom and baby. 
*Must be post first trimester to receive care.
60min | $120
90min | $135
Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular massage is meant to be an ongoing treatment to help correct dysfunctional patterns within the connective tissues. This massage uses specialized hand placements, and trigger point techniques. 
60min | $100
90min | $140
Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is a wonderful way for a cancer patient to connect, feel safe, and relax. This massage helps to alleviate pain, anxiety, and enhances dignity and enjoyment of life.
60min | $100
90min | $140
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage is a gentle encouragement of lymphatic flow in specific areas of drainage and helps relieve edema and relaxes areas of tension and stagnation around joints. 
60min | $105
90min | $145
Deep Lymph Flushing Massage (Face and Body)

This manual massage helps to treat chronic, systemic inflammation by flushing superficial layers of congested lymph
structures as well as clearing deep stagnant, sticky, hardened lymph.
60min | $125
90min | $155

Soul Sides


JoJoba Oil Base - customized blend of therapeutic grade essential oils for individual client needs.
*Does not add any extra time to session.


Plant Based Relaxation Gel

Therapeutic plant-based relaxation Gel. Warming relief for pain and discomfort in the muscles.
*Does not add any extra time to session.

Lymphatic Skin Brushing

Remove dead skin cells, energize, remove toxins.
Includes skin brush to take home.
20min | $30
Nourish Scalp Phyto Treatment

Warm oil blend, rich in moisturizing, invigorating blood
flow to scalp, softens brittle hair, replenishes natural shine.
20min | $30
Hand and Foot Sea Salt Scrub 

Exfoliating sea salt scrub rids rough areas of hands
and feet while imparting natural oils and shea
butters into skin for deep hydration.
20min | $20
Sea Salt Body Scrub 

Revitalizing and healing experience that uplifts
the whole body. Exfoliating exotic sea salt and
nourishing plant butters. Detoxifies, smoothens, and
exfoliates dead skin cells. Spa shower included.
30min | $55
Gemstone Clay Body Wrap 

A unique clay that comes from the mountains of
Vancouver Island. Rich in minerals and energetic
gemstones to help pull toxins from the body and
restore minerals.
30min | $63
Infrared Medical Sauna

Decrease inflammation while increasing circulation.
Detox heavy metals, cleanses the blood and pours of
the skin. Full spectrum (mid, near, & far wavelengths).
Enjoy color therapy to enhance mood and physiology. 
20min | $28
Botanical Scalp and Hair Wrap

30-minute hair wrap with Palm Springs botanical
oil and sprouted mineral greens to help nourish,
and stimulate the scalp and hair. Includes scalp
massage and warm thermal stones.
30 min | $50
Fruit Smoothie Exfoliating Foot Masque

30-minute foot treatment that exfoliates dead skin
cells and helps to dissolve dull, rough skin.
Includes warm towels, foot massage with rich Body Deli
cream, and warm thermal stones.
30 min | $35
Superfood Hair Masque

Regenerating superfood hair masque with therapeutic
grade essential oils, French clay, and sea vegetables
to help illuminate and strengthen the hair while
softening dry, dead ends. Includes scalp massage,
and warm thermal stones.
45 min | $65

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Memberships available.
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Complimentary Focused Thermal Stones, and Mood Color (Chromatic) Therapy.  Scalp and Foot Massage, Warm towels, Essential oils. 

Call Now to Book Your Spa Package or Appointment!

Please allow 20minutes extra when scheduling for complimentary Color therapy



Are you a "no frills" kind of gal or guy?
If so, we've got your back.

Enjoy and relax into our most basic therapeutic massage session.

No warm stones
No aromatherapy
No warm towels

It's just massage and simply divine.

60 min. Swedish or Deep Tissue

Please call to schedule.

*All late cancellation and no-show policies apply.
Other online and in-house promotions are not valid with this offer.

The Gentle Reminder 


This massage is all about the therapeutic impact that soft touch has on the body.  It is a gentle reminder that our nervous system actually responds quite well to light touch.   When the body is not in anticipation of high-intensity pressure in an exertive massage session, it is more likely to feel safe. Hence, allowing the practitioner to melt tissue, soften trigger points and create an opportunity for healing with soft touch.
Perfect for a client that has never experienced professional massage therapy.  Wonderful for children, senior adults, pre/post operative, palliative and for the person that is mentally/emotionally exhausted from grief and stress.   The Gentle Reminder Massage may reduce anxiety in children and adults,  decrease pain, and improve global well-being.

60 minutes

Please call to schedule or book online.
704-889-SOUL (7685)
*Online and in house promotions not valid with this price.