What does it mean to "hold space" for someone else? 

It means that we are willing to walk alongside
another person in whatever journey they're on without
judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control. 

Day Spa Bodywork Therapies

Botanical Wrap

Full body moisture and replenishing minerals using aloe/seaweed or botanical mud.
60 min | $125
Sea Salt Scrub

The Body Deli Dead Sea Salt Scrub Variety: Jasmine Tuberose, Green Detox, Lavender/ Chamomile, Tahitian Vanilla, Citron Vanilla, Moroccan Mint, Amber Patchouli.
60 min | $110

Reiki Energy Medicine

Universal method of focused hands working with the energetic bio-field of the body.
This field organizes the growth and repair of the cells, tissue, organs. An efficient non-invasive
therapy; unblocks, and balances stagnant energy.
45 min | $75
Raindrop Therapy

Essential oils and massage balances frequencies of the body, and mind. Structural & electrical
alignment is addressed. Wards off potentially damaging viruses and bacteria.
60 min | $95
Thermal Stone

River rocks, deeply soothe muscles allowing warmth to penetrate tissue for healing and repair.
60 min | $125
90 min | $145

Remove toxic waste, increase oxygen and blood flow. Increase tissue rejuvenation, reduce scar tissue. Great for the immune system and overall health.
Face | $60
Body | $95
Blended | $135

Breast available for an additional $65
Reflexology: 45-min

Based in Chinese medicine dating back 5,000 yrs. Points of face/feet correspond with organs
system blood, bone, lymph, skin. Profound relaxation for face and jaw. Based on Neuroscience
working closely with brain and central nervous system.
Face | $85
Feet | $55
Blended | $135
The Light and Sound of The Universe

Sound therapy exclusive using Acutonics (weighted tuning forks) to balance the body by
tuning into the sound of OM.
Resonates with earth's natural vibration and all of nature. Includes chromatic color therapy.
Great for mood, and emotional balance.
75 min | $155
Crystal Clear Your Mind

Selenite crystal wand working with the acupressure points of the upper body, face and scalp.
Relax & de-stress the mind, body, spirit. Includes scalp massage, and chromatic color therapy.
75 min | $95
Integrate Me

Body massage and modified facial reflexology combined with Rose Quartz singing bowl sound
therapy, therapeutic grade essential oils, and 20-min. Infrared Sauna.

Spa shower included.
90 min | $205
Sport Aficionado

Therapeutic Sport massage with passive stretches, Arnica oil to soothe sore muscles and increase
blood flow. Warm thermal focused stones deeply release contracted muscles. 20-min. Infrared Sauna.

Spa shower 
90 min | $195

Petite Retreat

Perfect for a lunch hour or busy schedule.

Full Body Compression Session

Client stays fully clothed as the therapist decompresses the body. Relaxing yet invigorating.
30 min | $40
Full Spectrum Infrared Medical Sauna

Increase circulation, decrease inflammation.  Cleanse blood, remove toxins, cleanse pores.
Increase endorphins, decrease stress and anxiety with Chromatic color therapy.
Spa shower available.
40 min | $33
Back in Time

30 min back, neck, shoulder, & scalp massage - with lemon grass aromatherapy warm towel. 
30 min | $50
Quantum Light Therapy

Nutrition for cells. Infrared, red, blue lights penetrate skin and increase nitric oxide, oxygen,
& blood flow. Excellent mood booster.
20 min | $45
Superfood Hair Masque

Regenerating superfood hair masque with therapeutic grade essential oils, French clay, and
sea vegetables to help illuminate and strengthen the hair while softening dry, dead ends.
Includes scalp massage, and warm thermal stones.
Book this treatment as a stand-alone appointment or as an enhancement to another service.
45 min | $65
Fruit Smoothie Exfoliating Foot Masque

30-minute foot treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells and helps to dissolve dull, rough skin.
Includes warm towels, foot massage with rich Body Deli cream, and warm thermal stones.
Book this treatment as a stand-alone appointment or as an enhancement to another service.
30 min | $55
Botanical Scalp and Hair Wrap

30-minute hair wrap with Palm Springs botanical oil and sprouted mineral greens to help nourish,
and stimulate the scalp and hair. Includes scalp massage and warm thermal stones.
Book this treatment as a stand-alone appointment or as an enhancement to another service.
30 min | $50


Custom Soul Session


with Master therapist Michelle Greenberg


2 hour

3 hour

Connect to your whole self with this customized blend of services and modalities that are individually, intuitively and compassionately chosen just for you. Every part of you is connected, meaning that where you feel pain and discomfort is not necessarily the cause of your pain and discomfort.

Michelle is a master therapist with more than 20 years of holistic experience.  Each session is unique, providing a safe space that will gently guide your whole system ~ mind~body~spirit~soul~ toward what could be most beneficial in reducing stress, decreasing pain, encouraging detoxification and inner peace.

Michelle Greenberg
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Master Therapist
Reiki Master
Healing Artist
Spiritual Health Coach

***Session can include a blend of any service in our spa menu (excluding facials, classes and chiropractic), depending on length of session chosen.

*** Lounge/shower amenities included.