SoulSpace Petite Spa

A hidden gem nestled in the heart of historic downtown Pineville, NC.

An oasis of serenity, this Healing Arts boutique spa is an exquisitely appointed, upscale, clean, family owned business. Masters of their craft, the professional women, staff and Holistic practitioners of SoulSpace Petite Spa are  knowledgeable, creative, compassionate, and intuitive. The skills and techniques in Therapeutic Massage, Chiropractic care, Reiki,  Customized Organic Facials, and Wellness classes: One-to-one and couples Yoga, Functional Fitness, Foundation Training and Tai Chi/Qigong, are a seasoned culmination of years of education and experience. The staff of SoulSpace Petite Spa offer outstanding service, flexibility and care in listening to the client while putting the client at ease with their unique understanding of what the human body needs. All sessions are specifically tailored to invite corrective connection, stress relief, pain reduction, detoxification and inner peace.  The lounge is cozy, the teas are interesting and of good quality, the products are organic and the positive, peaceful vibe is palatable. Self-care is truly celebrated at SoulSpace Petite Spa as being a necessary ritual for the evolution of self.  Escape to this cozy retreat and find your Soul in Pineville.

Get To Know US

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Michelle A. Greenberg, LMBT

Michelle is dually licensed in the State of North Carolina with the Board of Cosmetic Arts and the Board of Massage/Bodywork Therapy.  Michelle is a  Master Therapist, Reiki Master, Healing Artist, and Spiritual Health Coach, who has been practicing safe and appropriate therapeutic touch for 17 years.

Michelle's Custom Blended 2- and 3-hour Soul Package integrates many different modalities/services that are individually chosen and intuitively translated for each client. Michelle compassionately guides the mind~body~spirit~soul towards healing, stress relief, pain reduction
detoxification and inner peace.

Michelle is Board Certified with NCBMBT, NCBTMB and also Affiliated with AMTA and FSHLB.

Michelle has been serving our community as a Hospice volunteer since 2001, and as a Holistic practitioner since 2005.

Michelle enjoys caring for others and  encouraging people of all ages toward self-empowerment and wholeness.

When clients allow themselves to transform from being in pain and discomfort to thriving on all levels of mind~body~spirit~soul, Michelle finds great satisfaction in knowing that she helped to facilitate healing on that person's journey toward health, wholeness and living their best life.

When Michelle is not serving others in SoulSpace, she adores spending time with her family, friends and pets, Miss Winter Solstice and Miss Noir Eclipse.
Her interest includes Qi Gong,  nature hikes, trail running, live music and writing.


A healer does not heal you

A healer
is someone who
holds space for
you while you awaken
your inner healer,
so that you may heal yourself


Shannin Washburn
Lead Esthetician, Buyer, Creative Services Writer

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Having grown up in the spa industry around practitioners like her mother and grandmother, skincare and wellness have long been passions for Shannin. She was able to apply and build on those passions at The University of North Carolina at Asheville where she researched happiness and the mind-body connection, graduating Cum Laude with degrees in Health and Wellness Promotion and Psychology. She later graduated from the Esthetics program at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College at the top of her class. She holds a certificate in Microdermabrasion and is a Healing Touch student.

Shannin has been a trainer and held leadership positions in the spa industry since 2013. She is most inspired by the results that skincare treatments can provide and loves empowering her guests with the knowledge and tools to achieve those results in between services.

When she is not pampering her clients, Shannin enjoys spending time with family, friends, in nature, playing guitar and relaxing with her pet rabbits, Luna, Bee Gee, Cosmo and her dogs Drogo and Dude.

Kristin Washburn
Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Operations Manager

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With a Hospitality Management Degree, Kristin brings her skills and natural talent for assisting others to Soul Space Petite Spa.

Alongside her passion for hospitality is health and wellness, which has always been a big part of her life.
Kristin graduated from the Asheville Yoga Center with a 230 hour Yoga Alliance Instructor certificate and began working in the spa industry in 2014. Kristin has been mentored by highly gifted instructors and is certified in Restorative.
In 2019 Kristin trained in Irvine, CA with StretchLab and became a Flexologist.
In 2020 she obtained her Personal Training Certification with International Sports Science Association.
Currently, Kristin is working toward a  Glute Specialist Certification.

Kristin offers customized, individual Yoga sessions and Functional Fitness Personal Training.

In her spare time, Kristin enjoys quality time with family and her dog Iris, riding her Harley, baking,  gardening, working out, and creating art. 


At 31, Josh had his first back surgery - an artificial disc implanted in between cervical vertebrae 6 and 7. He’d never had any type of significant injury or trauma to his back yet his disc ruptured, leaving his right arm partially paralyzed and his hand numb. The surgery in his neck was a success but his neurosurgeon warned him that there was an even larger problem looming. Josh’s MRI’s showed 90% degeneration of the discs in his lumbar spine. His doctor warned him that significant surgical intervention was inevitable. Through it all, Josh wanted to know WHY he had such serious back problems at such a young age. The only answer anyone could give him was “bad genes.”
The next few years were dark, to say the least.
Josh’s pain progressed from nagging to persistent to chronic and debilitating. Not being able to walk without pain and struggling daily to do basic things for himself, Josh looked to physical therapy, traction therapy, inversion tables, zero gravity chairs, painkillers, muscle relaxers and cortisone shots for relief. You name it; he tried it. Facing another major surgery or a life of chronic pain, Josh discovered Foundation Training. Foundation Training not only relieved Josh’s pain but answered his biggest question: Why was he experiencing it?

Foundation Training taught Josh that his body was breaking down due to a lifetime of poor posture and poor movement patterns.
Within weeks of consistently practicing Foundation Training, he began to experience significant relief. Josh then steadily progressed from being able to touch his toes, tie his shoes and shower without help to tackling workouts, runs, hikes and all the activities he’d feared he’d never enjoy again.
Inspired by his own experience, Josh has spent the past 7 years studying FT and has achieved the highest level certification that Foundation Training offers. He is committed to helping others free themselves from chronic pain and enjoy life without limits. Josh’s clients include assisted living patients, service industry professionals, MD’s, chiropractors, fitness enthusiasts, seasoned yogis, patients rehabbing from surgery and those looking to avoid it.

Ena bermudez

Ena Bermudez, LMBT

Hi my name is Ena and I’ve been practicing Massage therapy for 4 years now, and I absolutely love it. I moved to Charlotte in 2017 from the DC area to attend SouthEastern institute for a certification in massage therapy, and it’s been the best decision I have ever made. Helping people heal from chronic pain, healing from cancer, prepping to welcome their new baby and athletes be at their very best, has been super rewarding. I am certified, in prenatal, oncology, stretch therapy, and working on getting my lymphatic drainage therapy certification at the end of this month. I look forward to meeting you in the spa soon.

Brian Thompson, LMBT

Brian thompson
My name is Brian Brian Thompson. I've been a Massage Therapist for 12 years. I'm trained in multiple modalities with a strong focus on Asian Bodywork and Traditional Chinese medicine. My modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports massage, Shiatsu-anma, Tui'na, Medical Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Chinese Craniosacral Therapy  w/ visceral manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage using Essential oils, Temple Style Lomi Lomi, Pain management, Systema Bodywalking, Medical Qigong, and Spa Techniques. I'm also a Veteran (USMC) and Martial Arts Instructor with over 30 years of training. I also enjoy singing, I am a musician, I speak several languages and I have two beautiful daughters.  I look forward to using my knowledge to encourage the healing process for those who seek my help. 


Dr. Wes Pope graduated Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta, GA.  While in Chiropractic school, Wes focused his education on managing the muscular and fascial systems of the human body.  In conjunction with an Exercise Sport Science degree and years of experience as a personal trainer, Dr. Pope utilizes a variety of soft tissue management systems to help patients obtain their functional and performance-based goals.

Playing a number of sports while growing up, Dr. Pope continued his athletic career playing Quarterback for Elon University's football team.  Now, his competitive nature is continued on the golf course.

By combining his knowledge on swing biomechanics, clinical experience, and passion for the game, Dr. Pope thoroughly enjoys helping his clients to play better golf!

The majority of free time for Wes and his wife Lauren are now happily consumed by their two young sons, Beckett and Wade.



cards welcome
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Hello! I am Kazh Dantzler of Memphis, TN, Home of the Blues & BBQ!

 I’ve been in Charlotte NC for 7 years. During my new journey, I received my certification at Southeastern Institute Charlotte. I  have been a Healing Massage Therapist for 6 years and counting. I’m also studying Psychology to have a deeper connection with my clients.

My specialty modality is Deep Tissue. I offer many other modalities such as Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stones, Sports Massage & more. I enjoy being a facilitator of the healing therapies for those who are in need of therapeutic touch.

Alongside of massage, I am a Dog Mother of two beautiful Pitbull's, Karma & Luna! I am also a Rapper/Singer/Music Producer, and Artist. I have hobbies that I enjoy such as hiking, nature walks, gardening, reading, dancing.  I aspire to having a deeper connection with humanity and all living things.
Most of all, I enjoy living life and just being.

I am eager to see each and everyone of you in our spa!

My name is Laura, I am a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist.
I am from Columbia and I have been living in the Charlotte area for five years after also living in San Diego, CA.

I have been a massage therapist for less than a year but my massage blend speaks for itself!  I am currently working to receive my Pre-Natal certification.

I am passionate about healing through touch, I love essential oils, and I believe in the power of positive energy and compassion moving through my hands for clients who need care, and stress relief.

I enjoy meditation, nature and spending time with my 4 year old kid, my husband and my pug Bumi!
I look forward to meeting you at SoulSpace soon.