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We loving being a part of such a wonderful community and are honored to be on the list of the top things to do. Supporting local businesses is one of the things that makes Pineville such a special place.  Source: Carolina Medical Associates (2021)

Treat yourself or someone special to a
90 Minute Chocolate Truffle + Rose Cream Self Love Body Ritual

Melt away the stress with a Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub that smooths your skins surface while infusing powerful antioxidants of sea salt and rich cocoa into the body. After the exfoliation has been showered off, savor a long sweeping restorative body, hand and foot massage with an accent of Rose Cream blended with nourishing Rose Absolute, Rose Otto, Rose Geranium, Rosewood and Ylang-Ylang oils. To finish this luxurious body ritual is a scalp massage, misting of rose absolute aromatic blend and sound therapy with a Rose Quartz singing bowl to balance the heart chakra and elevate the mood. After your services, enjoy a warm cup of Rosebud tea and dark chocolate in our lounge.
What’s Included:
Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub
Restorative Swedish massage
Hand and foot massage with Rose Cream
Scalp massage
Rose Absolute mist
Sound therapy with a Rose Quartz singing bowl
Rosebud tea and dark chocolate

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SoulSpace Petite Spa is a divinely inspired team of mother/daughters nestled in the heart of historic downtown delivering the best day spa Charlotte NC has to offer.

Our passion is to create a nurturing experience where one can convalesce and reconnect with their true inner essence.


Weekly Special
Tuesday - Thursday

by appointment

90 min Revitalizing/Immune
Boost Ginger Rosemary
Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

(Available 60 min. for $80)
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Marrakesh Moroccan Mint
60 min
Deep Tissue Massage

Available Tuesday - Thursday


SoulSpace Petite Spa now offering couples massage 

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Massage therapy is one of the oldest health care practices known to history. References to massage are in Chinese medical text more then 4,000 years old

The power of touch boosts the immune system

Our Therapeutic Massage sessions are customized, fully tailored Charlotte Spa Packages just for you!  Our prices include any of these additional services depending on what the therapist and client feel is needed:

Aromatherapy (single oil and/or blends)
Light therapy
Sound therapy
Thermal stones (focused in one specific area)
Scalp and foot treatment
Warm towels 

Melt The Stress Away!
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Board Certified Therapeutic Massage Professional

Did you know that touch is a fundamental need and the first of the five senses to develop in human beings?  It is actually in our DNA to "need" human touch in order to thrive both physically and emotionally.

Lack of touch in our touch~deprived society can lead to higher stress levels, depression, lowered immune function and a lack of connection to self and to others.

Therapeutic Massage is a safe and appropriate way to receive human touch and its benefits include:

  • boosts the immune system
  • decreased pain
  • increased mobility
  • decreased depression
  • increased mental clarity
  • decreased blood pressure
  • increased oxygen and circulation
  • decreased stress hormones
  • increased endorphins (feel good, mood boosting hormones)
  • decreased insomnia
  • increased quality sleep

A healer does not heal you

A healer
is someone who
holds space for
you while you awaken
your inner healer,
so that you may heal yourself


Medical Massages in Our Relaxing Charlotte Day Spa

Medical massage can be broadly defined at times. However empirically speaking, my focus is on the body as a whole and understanding how all of the systems work. Specifically the musculoskeletal system, the fascia, alignment, and any dysfunctional compensatory patterns that may have manifested over time. Medical massage is the practice of specific techniques that support a clients goals and creates a measurable shift in a clients body mechanics, pain level, proprioception, and range of motion.

60 min. $95.00
90 min. $135.00
2 hrs. $175.00

We will continue to offer Medical Massage for Doctor referrals and
those who want a treatment program with very specific goals.


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First Time Sauna Session
Only $28

#1 Sauna in Charlotte NC Area

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Hot tub
The only Sauna recommended and created by DOCTORS.

Hand Crafted in the USA with natural Hemlock Wood.

Documented Scientific studies supporting Sauna use for health and efficacy of BODY-MIND-SOUL.

Rated #1 Top Ten Sauna consumer review/rating. 100 yr. industry experience.

Full Spectrum Technology Far, Near, Mid Infrared


Boost Immune system
Increase Mitochondria Cell health
Weight loss
Blood Detoxification
Detox nicotine, BPA, heavy metals
Joint pain
Relieve Arthritis
Increase endurance
Increase energy
Heal wounds
Decrease inflammation
Decrease pain
Increase healthy sleep patterns
Skin rejuvenation
Blood Pressure reduction
Improve circulation
Relaxation full body

NEAR ZERO EMF Shielding Technology!

Sauna benefit interviews conducted with: Dr. Oz Dr. Mercola Oprah Dr. Sahni Dr. Berg

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Great Massages

Book Your 90 min. Custom Facial & Receive A Complementary Microcurrent Enhancement

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(704) 889-7685
Endocannabinoid system human1

Endocannabinoid System Is Important

Learn Why

* $10 For CBD Enhancement On Any Massage Treatment

Mind   -   Body   -   Spirit   -   Soul

Always an excellent experience,
the BEST massage therapy ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE!Michelle's compassion, knowledge and professionalism always, always, always relaxes and eases any tightness, stiffness and stress. My wife and I have been clients for many years and have never been disappointed. Prior to Michelle, over the years, we had numerous massages with various therapists throughout the country and overseas; Michelle is truly the best and most caring therapist you will ever have. Your body, mind and soul will thank you. I Highly recommend SoulSpace Petite Spa.
— Randy B
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